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Welcome to Ragini Ayurveda and Yoga Center, located in the most picturesque corner of Indian Himalayas - valley of gods Kullu in the state of Himachal Pradesh in North India.   More about Kulu valley…

There are two branches of Indian Ayurveda: Northern, which originates from the Himalayas, and Southern, which originates from the state of Kerala. Two branches of Ayurveda differ in approaches and methods of treatment, and also medicinal compositions. It is connected with different geographical position and climate. For the inhabitants of Europe and North Asia (including entire territory of the former USSR) it is much more effective to undergo ayurvedic therapeutic, purifying and health-improvement programs in the Himalayas in North India, in the climate which is similar to the native one. More... The same rule is applicable to people, who live in other parts of the world where the climate is similar to the Himalayan one. For the same climatic reasons our Ayurveda and Yoga Center is open only during the season, when the purification makes sense and gives good result, i.e., since April until October inclusively.

Most of Rishes, ancient Indian sages, who marked the beginning of the Vedic tradition, lived and did spiritual practice in Kullu valley. Manu Rishi, Vashisht Rishi, Jamadagini Rishi, Parashar Rishi, Shringa Rishi are worshiped as Gods in the valley. The places where they lived and did tapas are marked with the temples where daily Hindu worships – pujas – are conducted.

For many centuries Naggar was the capital of Kullu valley. Ragini Ayurveda and Yoga Center is situated near Raja’s Castle and Roerich Art Gallery, which are the major sites in Naggar.

Oxana Legkostupova and Deepak Kaistha, Directors and main specialists of Ragini Ayurveda and Yoga Center, have Postgraduate Diplomas in Yogic Studies (Yoga and related sciences, including Ayurveda) obtained from Bihar Yoga Bharati University, India, and also Certificate of Merit in Ayurvedic Health Care Practices and Panchakarma Therapy obtained from Kerala Vaidyashala Institute of Panchakarma Therapy and Research Center, India. More about the main specialists… 

A team of the assistants-professionals, who got special training and practice period in Ragini Ayurveda and Yoga Center, has been working under Oxana’s and Deepak’s supervision for many years.   

Ragini Ayurveda and Yoga Center was organized in 2001. Since then we have accumulated unique experience of conducting panchakarma, and also therapeutic and health-improvement programs. Many of our patients come back to our Center again and again to feel their body many years younger, stronger, lighter and more energetic, to experience the clarity of mind and the peace of soul.

It is not surprising, since Ragini Ayurveda and Yoga Center is a small family center, where every patient gets the maximum of attention, care and warmth. In combination with the professionalism of the team this approach gives the results, which, according to our patients’ opinions, exceed all their expectations, and also exceed the results of treatment in other ayurvedic centers.

You cannot find more sincere words than our patients’ words of appreciation.

Margarita, Moscow, 50 years old, underwent 45 day Panchakarma and rehabilitation program:

“Immeasurable gratitude and a low bow to Deepak and Oxana for their high service in the course of purification of our planet through the concrete people!!! 

In my case an ayurvedic course of treatment in India was the last hope to return to normal life… I have visited the best doctors and taken the best medicines for allergy both in Russia and in Europe. The miracle, that was created with me by Oxana’s accurately thought out program of Panchakarma , yields to no descriptions!!! The large part of the allergic symptoms disappeared without the track, 18 kilograms of excess weight left along the way, as well as many problems, which against the background with main one were already badly visible. I again revived!!! ...

Moreover I would say frankly: the results of this ayurvedic course of treatment in India exceeded all my hopes and expectations!!! And now, when time has come to leave Naggar, I am full of optimism, strength and health for the accomplishment of my tasks and purposes! I am leaving in order to come back here - to Kullu valley - the valley of gods, the valley of godly beauty and the godly people, who create godly miracles!!!”  Read whole comment.

In the period, when our Himalayan Ayurveda and Yoga Center is closed, i.e., since November until March, Oxana Legkostupova and Deepak Kaistha work in Russia, in Moscow. They give Ayurveda and Yoga workshops, individual Ayurveda and Yoga consultations and classes, ayurvedic treatments. You can read the programs of workshops and the testimonials about training.  If you are interested in the program of any workshop, it is possible to invite Oxana Legkostupova to give this workshop in your country, city or center.

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In my case, Ayurvedic treatment in India was a last hope to return to normal life ... After the best doctors in Russia and Europe ...Read whole comment.


I am very happy that I passed this brief, but very effective course of purification. Numb fingers on his left hand and the left side of the head was stopped...Read whole comment.


The first thing I admit when meeting with Oksana in Moscow, where she held a consultation with me six months ago, is its high level of professionalism and the ability to tune in man ...Read whole comment.


... I was told that I want too much ... but ... here I got not only what I wanted, but also a lot more ...Read whole comment.


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