Ragini Ayurveda and Yoga Center offers an opportunity to study the basics of Ayurveda for everybody who wants to benefit from Ayurveda knowledge in personal daily life, to help family members or friends or to use it in professional life.

We offer you the Audio Course "BASICS OF AYURVEDA". The Course consists of 36 lectures.
The Course will give you the understanding of psycho-physiological constitutional type, Doshas as the components of constitutional type and how to keep Doshas in balance using natural methods such as diet, herbs, spices, ayurvedic medicines, home remedies, daily routine, etc. Keeping Doshas in balance will lead to perfect physical, emotional and mental health.

The Course will give you the most practical information. You will be able to feel the Doshas inside your body, emotions and mind, you will be able to detect how Doshas go out of balance inside yourself and other people and you will learn the practical system of methods to bring Doshas back to balance.

This knowledge is essential to keep yourself healthy or to heel yourself and others.

Below you will find the summary of each and every lecture. The summary will give you the general outline what is this lecture about and after the summary will help you to revise the information or to find the answer to a certain question which suddenly popped up in your mind.

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