Duration - not less than 2 hours

Price in India − $80 US, in Russia – 5000 Rub

(the prices are valid for July 2018)

You can book a consultation with the leading specialist of our center OxanaLegkostupova both in the Ragini Ayurveda & Yoga Center in India and in Moscow where Oxana usually works in December and January. You can learn more from Oxana directly.
A basic Ayurvedic consultation is pretty different from a usual consultation given by anAyurvedic therapist. During a usual consultation an Ayurvedic therapist checks your health condition, prescribes medicine or procedures if they are available in his or her center and maybe says a few words about what food it is recommended to exclude from your diet.

Oxana'spurpose, however, is entirely different. Apart from Ayurvedic diagnostics, that means defining the constitutional type of the patient and his or her health condition at the moment via measuring the pulse and thorough examinationof the body, the main purpose of the consultation is to make the patient understand his or her constitutional type as well as health care and health improvement methods that should be usedat home.
The logic of Ayurveda is straight and simple. If the patient understands what his constitutional type is and why it may come to imbalance, it is logical for him to stick to the measures aimed at achieving constitutional balance and maintaining this condition. This system of measures includes special food, herbs, spices, Ayurvedic medicine, cleansing and procedures at home, work-rest schedule, physical exercises etc. And every constitutional type has its own system of measures. One man's meat is another man's poison.

In the course of the consultation Oxana gives the patient deep and logical understanding of his or her constitutional type and measures aimed at keeping it in balance. In other words, she passes to the patient all the instruments necessary for self-healing. Such a consultation gives you knowledge that will serve you all your life.


Sergey Panin, 36, Moscow
shares his impressions on a basic Ayurvedic consultation with Oxana
"The first thing I noticed during our first meeting with Oxana in Moscow,where she gave me a consultation half a year ago, was her high professionalism and ability to tune to the person, so that she is able to make a very accurate diagnosis and offer a multilevel approach to solve existing health problems including work with the body and emotions, healthy ration, right life attitude and much more.

Before meeting Oxana I took Ayurveda as a pretty complex system of knowledge that looked quite difficult for practical use. When I came to Oxana, I want to confess, my condition was close to burning out. Lack of energy and general low spirits became serious troubles for me. I could never have hoped that there is a possibility to change this condition dramatically.

Traditional medicine is incapable of treating health problems as profoundly as Ayurveda does, and Oxana was able not only to tell me in simple yet professional words about human nature and body features that are related to the essence of this human nature, but also introduced me to a simple, at first sight, yet pretty strong set of actions (right schedule of work and rest, taking herbs and spices, cleansing etc.), and almost two weeks after that I felt significant improvement: first of all, higher energy level and better mood…. ».
Anastasia, 25, Moscow
"I'm 25, three years ago I started having health problems: I got amenorrhea that was diagnosed by a hynaecologist. For one and a half year I had to take hormonal agents, and doctors tried to persuade me to eat meat. My friend told me about an Ayurvedic doctor OxanaLegkostupova, so I made an appointment. My consultation lasted several hours. At the consultation the doctor defined my leading Doshas and explained in details what is the right style of life to live in harmony with my Doshas. She explained me which food is healthy to eat, prescribed a diet and Ayurvedic medicines. I was very happy that I didn't have to eat pills and could balance my Doshas with the help of herbs.

I got the result already after 20 days of treatment. I'm so happy, because common doctors have been trying to cure me for three years – without any result. At the consultation I got a lot of useful information on healthier life style in general and its specifics for me, because everything depends on the individual body features. I'm immensely grateful!

Thank you!!! All the best to you!"


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