In the course of cleansing and health-improvement program you will have enough time for sightseeing.

First of all, our guests are interested to visit the Roerichs' estate and Art Gallery. Nicholas Roerich is a great Russian philosopher, artist and public worker, whom Indians called Mahatma, that means "great soul". Guests find themselves especially enchanted with paintings of Nicholas Roerich and his son Svetoslav Roerich.

For many centuries Naggar was the capital of Kullu valley. Raja's (King's) Castle - a surprising monument of ancient-Himalayan architecture – has been carefully preserved here. In its internal yard there is the temple of Jaktipat, the other name of which literally means 180 million gods, the power place of all gods of Kullu valley and even entire world.
In proper Naggar you will see three ancient Hindu temples: the temple of Gauri-Shankar (Parvati and Shiva), the temple of Vishnu, the temple of Tripurasundari (Mother Goddess, beautiful in three worlds). Quite easy foot routes along the mountain paths will lead you into the forest sacred places – Krishna temple, from where you can see a breathtaking valley view, Jiri temple, the place, where yogi Fauri Baba lived and carried out his tapas (secluded yoga practice). The villages of Nashala, Rumsu, Chadzhogi, Karogi will astonish you by their appearance of the grey old times. And wherever you go, you will meet open white-toothed smiles of local residents and a traditional Indian greeting – Namaste - accompanied by a soft bow and palms folded in front of the chest.

Tibetan Buddhist monasteries – Panga monastry, Kais monastery - will give you unforgettable impressions of contact with silent presence of Buddha, who was born in India, but whose teaching has gone far beyond its boundaries, having conquered the hearts of people in many countries of the world.

Silence and quietness of this heavenly place, the time, which seems to have stopped here, the emissions of godly spheres and inexpressible illusiveness of surrounding existence (seems that everything all around together with you will be dissolved any minute in the infinite shining ocean of existence, consciousness and bliss) – you will never be able to forget all of it and this experience will direct your life there, where great sages and teachers all over the world have been guiding us throughout the entire human history.


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