Feedback. Panchakarma and therapy

Sergey Panin, 36, Moscow

First of all, thanks a million to Oxana and Deepak for their help, shared knowledge and work during my 7-day Panchakarma program in their center. I underwent a package program that also included everyday Yoga classes with Oxana.

The first thing I noticed during our first meeting with Oxana in Moscow, where she gave me a consultation half a year ago, was her high professionalism and ability to tune to the person, so that she is able to make a very accurate diagnosis and offer a multilevel approach to solve existing health problem, including work with body and emotions, healthy ration, right life attitude and many more.

Before meeting Oxana I took Ayurveda as a pretty complex system of knowledge that looked quite difficult for practical use. When I came to Oxana, I want to confess, my condition was close to burning out. Lack of energy and general low spirits became serious troubles for me. I could never have hoped that there is a possibility to change this condition dramatically.

Traditional medicine is incapable of treating health problems as profoundly as Ayurveda does, and Oxana was able not only to explain me in simple yet professional words about human nature and body features that are related to the essence of this human nature, but also introduced me to a simple, at first sight, yet pretty strong set of actions (right daily regimen, taking herbs and spices, cleansing etc), and almost two weeks after that I felt significant improvement: first of all, higher energy level and better mood.

In the course of Panchakarma my condition improved so dramatically, that I felt again l as student (I’m 36), my perception organs were revived, and body began to radiate activity, energy and buoyancy that are related to youth.

I’d like to make a tribute and give a special recommendation to the additional program of energy and Yoga practices given by Oxana, because her talent is not restricted to medicine: she is a responsive and immensely wise teacher (despite her amazing modesty). Her knowledge and experience are really very deep, making it possible to understand and feel the fundamental effect that Ayurveda as a way of life and health support has been producing on people since times immemorial, and how this knowledge can be used in our Western world, that has forgotten its background and is ignoring ancient wisdom leading to increased number of diseases when compared with the East.

I want to express special gratitude to Deepak: he is undoubtedly one of the best doctors I’ve ever met, because the set of the procedures he performed with responsiveness and great attention starts to have the strongest healing effect straightaway.

All the staff of the center, as well as its leaders Oxana and Deepak, iare highly attentive, tactful and gentle, successfully creating the necessary relaxation, peace and coziness vibes that are so necessary for the healing process.

Thanks a lot again. I’ll recommend your center as a unique place in the Himalayas, where you can have such a transforming experience of healing and rest.

7 May of 2011