Oxana Legkostupova, the head and the leading specialist of Ragini Ayurveda and Yoga Center, did a residential course in Bihar Yoga Bharati University in 2002-2003 and was awarded Posgraduate Diploma in Yogic Studies (yoga and related sciences, including Ayurveda).

Here you can read Oxana's dissertation submitted in fullfillment for the requirement for Postgraduate Diploma in Yogic Studies.




Dissertation submitted to Bihar Yoga Bharati  (Deemed University), Munger, in fulfillment of the partial requirement for




2002 –2003 


Guide :                                                       Submitted By :

Swami Yogakanti Saraswati                      Legkostupova

Bihar Yoga Bharati                                    Oksana Mikhailovna

Munger                                                     Reg. No.: 077/2002





Chapter I.  Introduction                                                                     


Chapter II.    Attitude and its role in human life.                             

1.      Definition.                                                                               

2.      Major and minor attitudes.                                                    

3.      Kleshas as a root of major attitudes.                                    

4.      Role of major attitudes.                                                         


Chapter III.  Yoga as a complex process of cultivating attitude                                                                         

1.      Yoga as a union between individual self andSupreme Self.                                                                                 

2.      Approaches to major attitudes.                                            

2.1  Yogic achievements in regard to major attitudes.                 

2.2  Yogic system of methods to change attitude.                        

2.3  Particular methods to change major attitudes.                      

3.      Changing attitudes as a way to higher practices.                 

4.      Changing attitudes as a natural outcome of yogic practices.                                                                                                                     

Chapter IV.     Conclusion.                                                                              

Chapter I. Introduction.

  In my dissertation I examine the attitude as a phenomenon, which plays an important role in human life.  I dwell on the major attitudes which have the main influence on our behavior and state of mind, I also show the interconnection between yoga and attitude and ways how progress in yogic path and changing attitude ...

Chapter II. Attitude and its role in human life.

1. Definition.   2. Major and Minor Attitudes.   3. Kleshas as a Root of Major Attitudes.   4. Role of Major Attitudes.

Chapter III. Yoga as a complex process of cultivating attitude.

1. Yoga as a union between individual self and Supreme Self.   2. Approaches to major attitudes.           2.1 Yogic achievements in regard to major attitudes.           2.2 Yogic system of methods to change attitude.           2.3 Particular methods to change major attitudes.   3. Changing attitudes as a way to higher practices.   4. Changing attitudes as ...

Chapter IV. Conclusion.

In conclusion to my dissertation I would like to point out once again that attitude plays an important role in human life as it is a factor which makes a human being feel happy or unhappy, leads to inner balance or imbalance, builds up positivity of negativity in human personality.  Changing improper attitudes into right ...


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