Ayurveda: knowledge of life brought by enlightened people ;

Power of vibration of the words = mantras.

Part of big Vedic system: more than 5000 years ago (4 Vedas)

System of laws, universe existence was revealed, it’s a Divine knowledge, so people can use it the right way.

Major concept of Universe:

-          Manifested phase

-          Unmanifested phase

Always changing from one to another (Now: manifested phase)

 Extremely long periods of time, spiral of evolvement.

From unmanifested: total unity, than division between energy and consciousness, condensed energy to the time its gets to things we can touch.


Doshas: elements: ether, air, fire, water, earth make the world we can see, and combine to 3 constitutions (doshas):

-          Vata:  ether inside air (wind, air)

-          Pitta:  fire inside water (fire)

-          Kapha:  water inside earth


Human structure: physical body, astral body (emotional body), mental body.

Doshas have manifestation in our mental, astral and physical bodies. Constitutional type of human being: all 3 doshas are present in every human.


Doshas constitutional types:

Every dosha performs different stuff, everybody has different proportions of 3 doshas.

-          1 dosha constitutional type: 1 dosha has high % in the body.

-          2 doshas constitutional type: 1 dosha is the main, a second one is close, and third one is far.

It is the MOSTLY known constitution in the world.

-          3 doshas constitution type: the rarest, when a person have same % of each dosha.


Dosha constitution is determined at time of conception: our Nature (PRAKRITI). Never changes until death. In life, they’re always in play.

Active life, under stress and rush: Vata or Pitta doshas go up.

VIKRITI: deviation from the Nature: disbalanced: disease at worst, if we don’t do anything about it. If there’s no deviation, we’re healthy (balanced).

Usual patterns of deviation: doshas have tendency to go even more up. Our doshas go up too much = aggravated doshas. We have to know the symptoms of aggravation of doshas.



¨       Vata:  Movement. Moves everything in the body. The more Vata, the more our emotions are out of control. Mental: flow of thoughts. Vata is cold, light, dry (also hypersensivity and chaotic).

How do the characteristics manifest:


-          Coldness: cold hands and feet, don’t like cold. Get frozen very easily, like warmth.

-          Lightness: structure of the body: Vata is always skinny, nothing can be hold, and everything is wasted. Skinny and tall (ladies can be small and skinny too). Big joints and thin bones. Face: nez crochu ou retrousse, eyes deep and thin, thin lips, rough skin. Hair always dry, dark, bluish skin.

-          Dryness: liquids are wasted away. Dry skin everywhere. Behavior: if they can’t stop moving, always talking, can’t stop talking.