Feedback. Education and Consultations

Lucy, France

Being a healer and reaching a certain stage in my practice, I felt the necessity to get deeper knowledge about the functioning of the physical body. During last two years I felt definite connection to Ayurveda, though didn’t understand why, but the fact of this connection was unmistakably clear.

So I decided to come to India to study Ayurveda,and soon my way brought me to Oxana.

Oxana understood very well what I need, and now, completing my education course, I can say that I really got the knowledge I came here for.
Oxana is giving all the material without any exception in a clear, logical and organized manner. I come back to France feeling the power of newly acquired knowledge – all the gratitude goes to Oxana.

Many thanks, Oxana, for everything, and also for your patience and care. Surely, I will recommend you to everybody who wants to understand Ayurveda and its main principles.

27 November 2012