Feedback. Education and Consultations

Varvara, Moscow

I met Oxana Legkostupova in Naggar. I visited her center, complained about my son’s illnesses… We agreed to continue our communication in Moscow.
And so I get a letter, that Oxana, having come to Moscow, is giving seminar in Ayurveda on the 23 December of 2012 and 06 January 2013. I visited both of the seminars. They were devoted to extremely acute challenges for any big city inhabitant: how, when possible, to maintain your physical body (and consequently your mind) in purity and how to cleanse it – in the case of, alas, unavoidable pollution in the conditions of bad ecology of a big city.

These questions were treated in line with Ayurveda concepts: that every person has a definite type of his or her physical body constitution, that is Dosha.

The seminar classes handled features of every Dosha, its feeding habits, peculiarities of the daily regimen, diseases and body cleaning. In a simple and intelligible manner, without excessive use of the specific terminology, Oxana explained us the subtleties of every Dosha’s life activities, adding certain recommendations about food habits.

I was surprised to learn that you don’t need Herculean efforts to maintain your health in order – if you systematically and carefully, not being lazy, add herbs and spices in your ration and don’t eat much fast food and junk food made from deceptively attractive preserved products.

And also – love yourself a bit more, gifting yourself about 10 minutes a day to cook delicious herbal tea instead of pouring in your cup dry coffee extract “to raise your spirit”. It turns out, tea is more helpful in this matter and also more delicious… and your body will joyfully welcome a new taste and will reply to it with many thanks – I mean good energy level and spiritual lift…

In short, you get to know real opportunities to make your daily diet more delicious and nourishing, and your life – more healthy and joyful.

Apart from all of that, Oxana brought from India a pile of different curious appliances and spices – so that the participants of the seminars could buy the product they needed and join the new world of healthy food habits as soon as they get home.

I bought a tongue cleaner – and now thoroughly use it every morning ;) My family members are getting used to drinking ginger tea and eat turmeric (curcuma) – they look pretty content. So, the first step is done.

Thanks to Oxana – for her engaging presentation, for her own example of the life of a healthy and cheerful person, for her striving to share her knowledge and experience… I’m waiting for her next year seminars. Or – I’ll go to India to undergo a Panchakarma course.

16 January 2013