In my dissertation I examine the attitude as a phenomenon, which plays an important role in human life.  I dwell on the major attitudes which have the main influence on our behavior and state of mind, I also show the interconnection between yoga and attitude and ways how progress in yogic path and changing attitude influence each other and actually comprise a united comprehensive process.

            The importance of this study is connected with the fact that attitude plays an important role in human life being a factor which to a large extent makes human life happy or unhappy, leads to inner stability or imbalance, invokes positivity or negativity in human personality.  Improper attitude can cause deep suffering and frustration and ultimately lead to depression and neurotic disorders.  However proper attitude can make a person happy and undisturbed in any situation paving the way to higher states of consciousness which in turn lead to even deeper changes in attitude.

            The objective of the study is to find out the ways in which changing attitude can promote development of personality and make human life happier.

            The methods of study are analysis of relevant facts and information available in books, magazines, and other reference materials, as well as analysis of personal experience as a yoga practitioner and instructor.

            Attitude is a way how a person approach, treat and react to a certain object or phenomenon.  We have a certain attitude towards everything.  However the major attitudes, which determine our minor attitudes, are those towards ourselves, towards process and values of life and towards the goal of life. This is the basis which determines our reactions and actions in any situation in our everyday life. Our minor attitudes are rooted very deeply and in many cases we cannot even explain why we have such an attitude in some particular life situation.  However if we try to trace our everyday reactions and minor attitudes we will find out that the roots are in our major attitudes.  Our major attitudes also have their roots, which are deep in unconscious mind.

Yoga as a process of promoting personality towards realization of the Supreme Self, which eradicates suffering and leads to ultimate freedom, is essentially connected with human attitudes.   In the course of yogic transformation of personality major attitudes as well as minor attitudes are changed. Progress in yogic path and changing attitudes are two interrelated processes.  From one side change of attitudes leads and paves the path to higher stages of practice and from the other side progress in yogic practices naturally brings about change in attitudes.

These changes are very important in human life as they lead to higher stages of self-realization.  However even if a person cannot reach those heights in his life, he will inevitably benefit finding himself happier, more positive, balanced and enjoying inner peace.  In turn inner peace manifests into outer peace in society, in the whole globe and universe.