In continuation of Lecture No2 find below more information about Pitta dosha.

Very much structural abilities, like to find logic in everything. They would organize their life too. Good scientists (mind users). They like to go deep into subjects, like to teach systems. Good managers (organizers). Can see which people would fill each place. They can get whole picture of the situation. Perfectionists; like gold and shiny things, to get well-dressed.

They are very nice people. Good friends but they pick people who are useful to them.

-          Fluidity: Too much Pitta, they lose too much stool. SMALL INTESTINE is main seat of Pitta. Indigestion if too much fire. All the liquids get too acid (veins: nose bleeding). When hemorrhage is there, Pitta is high. Heart attacks or brain hemorrhage is typically Pitta. Too much Pitta, it feels like people are melting. Psychic: very adjustable to any conditions if it helps to reach their goals.


How Pitta goes out of balance:

-          Transformation: indigestion begins. Nutriments can’t be absorbed normally. As for cell digestion: can’t go well. Everything gets too acid. Toxins from Pitta will go to blood: toxic Pitta blood. Blood too hot and acid gets to the skin, as skin diseases (pimples). Skin allergies: red pimples and itchy, burning sensation. Process of inflammation is pure Pitta = very easy inflammation in any part of the body. Skin problems can lead to acne (pus). Easily catches infection.

-          Hot: Extremely hot in the body. Red skin, red eyes, feel burning. Put the feet out of the blanket at night because they wouldn’t stand the heat.

-          Lightness: losing weight.

-          Oiliness: Skin may become too oily. Liver is one of major Pitta organ (purifying blood). Pitta gets aggravated by oily food.

-          Sour: too much acidity

-          Spicy: burning sensations

-          Fluidity: Hemorrhages

-          Psychic levels: hot emotions: anger, irritability, intolerance, feeling to fight. High Pitta gets too stubborn, jealous, envious. Wants to dominate, humiliate (tyrant), would take revenge especially if somebody humiliated them.


¨       Kapha: Accumulation. Heaviest dosha, accumulation and giving form, construction. From pregnancy to breast feeding, Kapha is dominating, no matter which constitution you are. All growing is done by Kapha dosha. Kapha is cold, heavy, oily, slow (has tendency to stagnation). Kapha people never ever waste anything. Can’t lose weight because Kapha is accumulating in the body. Psychic levels: savers of informations.

-          Coldness: Cold hands and feet, but different from Vata. Kapha is too much mucus, water, which causes cold sensations.

-          Heaviness: Very big people, big muscles, lot of flesh, also there can be a lot of fat accumulation (especially the ladies). Can gain weight very easily, have trouble loosing it. If Kapha is balanced, may not look fat but will be heavy. Ladies get muscles but don’t lose weight. People of habits: extremely difficult to change them. They like to stay, heavy to move, difficult to push them out. Very difficult to switch from a thing to another. Very stable, look calm all the time, but if you get them angry it is devastating…

They can be tall, middle- sized. Not good for them to get skinny. They are round, puffy. Big eyes, big cheeks, big lips, big lashes, round nose, round teeth. Skin is soft, plumpy. Very thick hair, lot of hair, wavy hair. Everything is watery and oily, Kapha is moist. Have lot to blow out of the nose every morning. Behavior very typical: slowly moving, thinking, talking.

Good housewives, taking care of everybody who is theirs. Not too much friends but they will be forever. They are really devoted to whom they love.