In continuation of Lecture No1 find below more information about Vata dosha.

Dryness of mucus membrane. Major organ is COLON (large intestine); Constipation, no water in stool.

Eyes would feel like sandy, you need to blink a lot. Rigidity of the tissues, Vata people aren’t flexible.

When you’re getting old, you’re getting more Vata: wrinkles because of loose of collagen, joints start to be rigid, you can’t move freely.

-          Sensitivity: Nervous system is fully Vata area. Any stress, physic, psychic, leads to aggravation of Vata in the system. The more Vata, the more the nervous system is sensitive (loud sounds, strong tastes…). Vata take everything to themselves.

-          Chaotic: migrating pains in the body. Loss of feelings, or body reactions you can’t control. Sickness goes unpredictably, can appear and disappear without any reason.

The mood is always changing. They’re always busy, not finishing any activity. Quick learners: can operate very easily but will forget very easily. People of movement. They spend money, they can’t accumulate anything. Very sociable, very friendly when Vata is balanced. Not capable of deep friendships. They like movements, travels but the more they move, the more Vata is up. Vata need fresh air too.


How Vata goes out of balance:

Uncontrollable movement of the body; people can’t stay sited more than 2 minutes. They need to move and do something. Feel like something is shaking inside.

If Vata gets very high, it loses energy very fast: Vata people can’t move anymore, no more source of energy inside.

-          Coldness: They get cold even in the heat, very cold energy in the inside, they catch colds very easily.

-          Lightness: They lose lots of weight and liquids, wasting tissues.

-          Dryness: Constipation, which is dangerous because you can’t move away the toxins. If they get constipation when they’re young, they will get arthritis when they’re old (or at least painful bones).

-          Hypersensitivity: All nervous diseases: depression, insomnia, wasting nervous tissues (Alzheimer, sclerosis…). Your senses start working badly: eyes, ears etc…

-          Chaos: Too much thoughts and emotions you can’t control.

If Vata is disbalanced: fear, anxiety, and instability. It seems like there’s no support from the ground for them.


¨       Pitta: Transformation. In physical body, digestion, and all types of chemical transformations in our body. Mental: analytics, good processing minds. Pitta is hot, light, oily, sour, spicy, fluid, sharpness.

-          Transformation: Good digestion!! Good appetite, get disturbed if they can’t eat. Never constipation, unless unusual situations (travels). Regular stools (2, 3 times a day to the toilets).

-          Hot: they’re always hot, they’re heaters, they can’t stand hot weather, open all windows whenever they can. In winter they don’t wear warm clothes. They get red: cheeks, eyes; the more heat, the more they’re angry (people with red hair have Pitta in them). They like rainy weathers; they have thin hair, very soft.

-          Lightness: Pitta is slim, has muscles but not too big, very well shaped. They like sports, if they start training they will get very good muscles. Middle-age men get big bellies, bold or grey hair very easily.

They’re middle-sized; very white skin which gets sunburned easily. You can feel the heat coming from them. Usually green eyes, freckles. Pointed nose, sharp eyes, middle size lips, sharp skin, long fingers and nails. Eyes are really connected to Pitta: Pitta would get short view during childhood.

-          Oily: Enough lubricants in the body; skin can get a bit oily.

-          Sour: fire lives in the body as acid liquids. The more Pitta, the more acidity. If somebody feels sour or bitter tastes, it’s Pitta. Need to at often, otherwise feels too much acidity in the stomach.

-          Spicy: Burning sensations (urinating etc). Spicy food increases Pitta.

-          Sharpness: Very active people. They have goals; organize their life as to reach these goals. They’re achievers, like to be on top, want to be 1st. They must be glowing, want attention, always trying to reach the pick. Difficulties if they lose, especially in public. Very good intuition.