Feedback. Panchakarma and therapy

Four patients, Khabarovsk

Elena, Svetlana, Olga, Tatiana

Thanks God that He gave us such a wonderful chance to go to the Himalayas!

Our Indian travel began in quite a different place – in the south, in the Master’s Ashram, then continued to Goa with its sea and palms. And finally, after a long way, winding and difficult, we came here, to this holy place – valley of Gods.

Truly, not only local nature but also people are divine. Oxana and Deepak met us with warm and open hands, immersing us in amazing energies, both literally and figuratively. Cleansing procedures that were performed by Oxana and massages that were at Deepak’s domain shifted a great flow of energy that was stored for several years both on physical and mental level. What a miracle! Two persons, their efforts, energies, prayers, their belief in the Divine have done their work – and this work was wonderful!

Everything was nice: Abhyanga, herbal balls, Shirodhara. And Thai massage! Possibly, these Thai people have no idea that somewhere in the Himalayas, Kullu valley, lives Oxana Legkostupova who does Thai massage even better than these Thai people. Here everything is taken into account: your general body condition, constitutional type (leading dosha: Vata, Pitta, Kapha), trouble zones of your body. Oxana pays attention to all of that. Dear Oxana, thank you so much! Deep gratitude to you!

A wonderful thought just came into my head: “Do not try to seek God in formless, look at those people who are near you!”

Oxana, Deepak! May your doors be always open for Lakshmi the Goddess! May your house always be full of happiness, prosperity, and abundance! Be healthy!

Immense gratitude to you!

28 October of 2011