Feedback. Panchakarma and therapy

Alyona, 28, Moscow

The comment that came after one year delay.

Oxana, Deepak, warm hello from Moscow!

I hope you still remember me!

It’s a year to the day when I came to your wonderful center in the place that I will remember for all my life – Naggar in Kullu Valley.

I want to apologize for not writing this comment soon after leaving, as I promised… anyway, I’ve kept my promise, although after a year of delay!

But!!! It’s so simple to write a comment straightaway: you are enjoying good mood, feeling lightness in body and mind… but let your thoughts pass the test of time, let your impressions be accumulated and multiplied, get the result which I couldn’t even hope to get… I think this makes my comment more important, as it expresses more sincere gratitude for your work! The most important thing is the result… And I’m that kind of person who always finds difficulties… I’m prone to deep self-investigation in all the directions J

Of course, I can only make suggestions, but I suppose that this trip, this Panchakarma course, your care, help and knowledge… this atmosphere of Naggar and the Himalayas… influenced me much more than a mere body cleansing could… or, to be more accurate, it didn’t just influence: it changed my life radically: all the thoughts in my head, the meaning of life. First, changes came on the physical level: I stopped to eat meat, followed the recommendations, continued my Yoga practice and didn’t even notice how I began to run into special philosophy books, different sorts of esoteric literature, meet interesting people: some of them gave me more information and advice on what to do next etc… even my circle of friends has changed completely – I mean, I still have my old friends with me, but I feel emptiness in their company, because my thoughts have already gone in a completely different direction. Everything in my life gradually changed colors, material values little by little lost real value for me, though at work, when I stopped to be tense and overthinking, everything got better and better by itself, while the beauty of nature began to manifest itself in everything with such a power… even smells appear to be different!

I am so, so happy! I hope… no, I’m sure, that now I’m on the right way, though I cannot give a definition to this way, it’s only the beginning J. And this very beginning was introduced to me by nobody else buy you!! I’m fantastically and sincerely grateful for that!

And the Himalayas are now the place number 1 for me!!! Naggar is pulling me back so intensely… I’ve made a plan to come back the next spring J

I hope we’ll meet more than once in this life!

I wish you all the best, happiness, love and understanding!

You are very important people in my fact, that is truly so!

With respect,

Alena, Moscow

PS: Every time I wake up I remember our Yoga classes and your advice to “smile” with a stomach to a new day J

And that makes the whole day just amazing!

The 31 August of 2010