Feedback. Panchakarma and therapy

Maria, 38, Moscow

1. The comment on two Panchakarma courses

8 May of 2014

I’m coming back with my children at my first opportunity seeking cleansing and reviving of body and senses and eager to get practical advices on the most harmonious way of daily life.

According to my feelings, the longer the program is, the more profound and lasting change and new way of life it brings. During the 12-day course that I had last year I learned how to rinse my nose, clean my tongue, take cleansing herbs regularly and eat good food. This time (22 days) I want to make a schedule of my further everyday individual Yoga practice. I’m bound to be successful, because I’ve never had a better beginning (in terms of positive attitude towards classes, regularity and continuality) – here it’s formed under a very individual guidance of a real professional.

I’m particularly grateful that alongside with teaching me Yoga you managed to engage two my teenager daughters in the classes: both of them are feeling much better now.

These are changes of my physical body in a chronological order:

August of 2013: height 168, weight 82; after a 12-day Panchakarma course my weight got down to 76 kg.

In the period from August of 2013 till April 2014 when I was eating herbs and healthy food my weight got further down to 71 kg.

May of 2014: after a 22-day Panchakarma my weight got down to 66 kg.

I also feel major and quite positive changes on the levels of consciousness and nervous system. For a “hamster in a spinning wheel” from a big city it is a real Paradise, salvation, recovery.

I think that a great positive breakthrough on both physical and mental levels will be noticeable by everybody, providing that he or she trusts Oxana absolutely and strictly follows her recommendations and instructions.

Careful work of the leaders and all of their team is beyond any praise.

It was a wonderful combination of place, people, and circumstances.

With utmost gratitude,

Maria, Vasilisa, Milada

2. The comment of Milada, 11-years-old daughter of Maria

15 August of 2013

We have been here for two weeks, but already have become so accustomed to this place and people that it will be very difficult for us to leave.
Our Mummy had a 2-week Panchakarma course here. She feels rejuvenated, got prettier and slimmer, her health has greatly improved, all in all, she looks and feels much better than before.
Thank you Oxana for our Mummy’s transformation.

I want to add on my own behalf, that everyday morning Yoga classes contributed to losing weight, while Oxana’s consultation helped us to understand ourselves and also what is good and bad for our bodies.

These two weeks in the Ragini Center also were mirrored by our psychological condition and had major impact on it. We felt quite irritable in the city, but now our bad temper has gone. Only joy and rapport are left.

Thank you Oxana for buoyancy and eyes that are (finally!) clear and twinkling.

Milada from the Repins family