Feedback. Panchakarma and therapy

Petra, 52, Germany

Dearest Oxana,

What an amazing week we opened together, indescribable, incredible, deep, effective and just wonderful.

Your program is very well thought through, everything blends into each other. You are more than a doctor; you are a divine instrument of all the healing powers combined.

Thank you very much for the profound introduction to Ayurveda, Samadhi Yoga and Panchakarma. I value it very much and I appreciate all your effort and time you took to create this very individual program to match everything I needed in this very moment in space and time.

I will tell my friends all about it and hopefully will convey it in such a way that those who will pick up what you have to offer can profit from it in just the same way I have.

Stay in touch and come for a visit together with your beautiful family.

Lots of Love and Gratitude!

Petra/Samadhi Shanti

8 April of 2019