Feedback. Panchakarma and therapy

Ruslan, 42, Ukraine

I came to Oxana and Deepak’s center for the first time, following the advice of my close friends who have been here more than once.

I had problems with my health. I think, after 40 not many people can say that their health is perfectly good. For a long time I could not get rid of constant allergic rash on my body.

So I underwent a 14-days Panchakarma course. The result was overwhelming! I lost almost 5 kilos of weight (though it was not my aim)! But the most important is, all the rash on my body (I mean, ALL the rash) has gone! Now my body has a complexion of a young and fresh man. It has been a long time since I felt like this!!!

The Yoga and Thai massage courses that were given by Oxana completely revitalized my body. I feel it so intensely!!!

I want to mention particularly, that Oxana and Deepak’s attitude was never reduced to routine treatment. The course was prescribed strictly individually, and they took every day under control – in a calm and intelligent manner.

And on top of all that, wonderful air of the valley and amazing views on the Himalayas.

I sincerely recommend everybody (and even those who have no idea about Ayurvedic therapy and Yoga) undergo health-improving treatment in this center. I’m pretty sure you will be completely satisfied.

I think, Naggar in Kullu valley is the best place for such a center where nice and kind Oxana and Deepak are working.

My deepest reverence to you!!! May everything you give to others wholly come back to you!!

Good luck!!! See you soon!!!

14 July of 2012