Feedback. Education and Consultations

Anton Filimonov, Kirov

I want to express appreciation and gratitude for all the work you are doing.

I haven’t had a Panchakarma course in your center, so I don’t have a complete idea about it, though I couldn’t help but notice your attentive, almost personal attitude towards every person who is undergoing treatment here. In my humble opinion, this is a characteristic of a genuine healer.

Also, I couldn’t help but notice that before starting to work with a patient you always tune in to working with him. Though I don’t know the details of this your practice, I can feel that this is a manifestation of a deep respect to a person as well as serious attitude to your work.

On my own behalf, I want to thank you for the practice of working with the body. Of course, two weeks of practice won’t turn a person into a great Guru, but if I haven’t tried to perform certain asanas under your guidance, I’d had become aware of existing problems only after facing serious health troubles, nobody knows when. But now I have an opportunity to avoid a lot of troubles just because I know this practice. A special thanks for that.

One more special thanks for my mother’s successful health improvement, as well as gaining knowledge on Ayurveda and massage practice. It seems, she has got good results and is very happy about it (also I pass to you several “thank you” from her grateful patients).

And again, thank you for the shared contacts and extending my knowledge on Yoga and Yoga practices. The book recommended by you turned out to be – quite surprisingly – useful.

With respect,

15 June of 2014