Feedback. Education and Consultations

Group of students, Yekaterinburg

Olga, 41

It’s hard to find the words for the changes that are taking place in your body and soul, thanks to such people as Oxana and her team.
I’m coming back as a changed person. New stage in my life. Thanks to Oxana, I’ve found answers to the most obstructive questions. I feel new energies in my body, purity, clarity, goodness.
I hope to come here more than once.
Gratitude and deep reverence to Oxana and Deepak.
PS Naggar is the center of the Universe.

22 August of 2013

Elena, 47

I’m grateful to the world for such a meeting, Oxana has become my new Guru, I follow her, feeling immense happiness that the light of my soul is flowing into creative processes, I’m ready to transmit the new knowledge of eternal Ayurveda to my patients. I’m grateful for finding myself, for the union of spirit and body, for simplicity and forcefulness of Tao.
Thanks for caring mother’s hands to all of the girls working in this therapeutic center. Highest respect to Deepak and his family. Love and light to you!

22 August of 2013

Irina, 58

Yesterday my grown-up son called me and asked whether I got in India what I wanted. I told him I got here much more than I wanted. Meeting Oxana is a gift in my life. You open my eyes to new understanding of myself and the world, that I was waiting for a long time.
The seminar, Yoga, all the Panchakarma I have undergone opened new channels of energy inside me.
Deep gratitude to you, Oxana, Deepak, massage therapists girls, always caring and tender, all the hotel staff – attentive and very welcoming.
Happiness to all of you and your families!

23 August of 2013