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Set of seminars in Tolyatti in January 2015

Oxana Palkina, Tolyatti, the leader of the Samadhi Yoga Center:

“In the summer of 2014 my spouse and I were lucky enough to get to the Himalayas, Naggar, to the Ayurveda & Yoga Center of Oxana Legostupova. There we had an education course in Ayurveda and a course of Panchakarma. Being very much inspired with the gained results, we invited Oxana to give seminars in Tolyatti, and she gave her consent graciously! So on the 17-19 January of 2015 we participated in the seminar “Yoga for the Doshas balance”, and on the 20-21 January “Abhyanga – traditional Indian oil massage”. This knowledge is priceless and absolutely necessary for us to apply in our Yoga center! Oxana’s way presentation is highly professional! Apart from that, she is a very wise and deeply spiritual person! I’m grateful to my fate and God that I met Oxana and hope very much for further cooperation!”

Oxana Boreiko, Tolyatti, Samadhi Yoga Center member of staff:

From the cover letter:

“With immense gratitude I send you my feedback on the seminars.

Thank you very much for the knowledge you have passed on to us! And for that hug after the seminar that expressed your love. After that I manage to enter into a meditative state quite fast, and sweeping changes in my life attitude have taken place. (Now I feel so calm!!!) Thanks one more time, hug you ))), Oxana Boreiko.”

The comment:

“In the January 2015 I participated in two seminars of Oxana Legkostupova:

1. “Yoga for the Doshas balance”.

2 .Ayurvedic oil massage Abhyanga.

I noticed her systematic and informative manner of presentation. Oxana covered the topics of the seminars in a profound yet intelligible way. You could feel her vast knowledge and practical experience. Gained knowledge enlarged my experience of Yoga practice, let me see some of the mistakes I made during my Yoga classes and eliminate them.

All of that allowed me to develop in my understanding of Yoga as well as in my understanding of myself!!!”