Feedback. Education and Consultations

Alexey, 30, Tolyatti

Having met Oxana in Moscow where she gave us a basic Ayurvedic consultation, and trusting her enough, we decided to come to the Ragini Center in India.

Unlike my girlfriend, I didn’t undergo Panchakarma, here I started practice Yoga instead.

At home I tried to master this practice of psychosomatic acrobatics, but due to not regular classes and, as it turned out, insufficient intensity of the exercises, it gave no results. But practicing under Oxana’s guidance, I felt the first results just in one week. This person showed me body resources on her example and helped me to get rolling. I had a minor goal – to touch the floor with my fingers while bending with knees straight. Huzzah – it happened just after 5 classes. Then the results became even more fruitful. Now it’s up to me – I need to get enough self-organization and self-discipline to continue my practice.

I want to mention one of Oxana’s traits in particular. She doesn’t impose her knowledge on you, instead she gives it in a very sensitive and distinct manner, that leaves no place for resisting.

THANK YOU, Oxana and the whole Ragini team!

30 May of 2014